AirWorks Group LLC is a leading ACDBE-certified company dedicated to forming strategic partnerships in the wireless telecommunications, wireless internet, food & beverage, car rental, news & gift and duty-free concessions arena. The company’s largest value is its ability to provide technical telecommunication, management and consulting solutions to prime concessionaires and operators in the aviation and transportation industries. 

In the Aviation space, AWG offers its concession partners a range of disciplines including consultancy in retail and food & beverage concepts with a focus on wireless network integration, optimization and maintenance operations management. AWG is the “Uncommon Partner”, bringing a skillset that delivers unrivaled expertise to airport concessions joint ventures. AWG currently maintains an office in Virginia/Washington DC area.


Currently, we are certified as an ACDBE (Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise), in Metropolitan Washington DC, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, and Illinois, Florida, Colorado, Michigan, Texas, Georgia, California, Utah, Georgia, Louisiana, Washington and Pennsylvania.

We are certified as a DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) in Illinois, Florida and Colorado.